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Vanessa With A Mouth Full Of Cock!

Talk about being tongue tied, looks like we found Vanessa Lane with a cock in her mouth again. We all know this is just one of her many talents and we are always entertained watching her mad skills witha dick down her throat. Now, if she was on her knees and looking up with those big blue eyes she would for sure have a facial of man juice. Think about like this, if she was in front of you right here, right now would you say no to this girl, I think not!


Girl Happy To Have Cock!

Absolutely impressed with her two handed handjob skills, now just imagine if that was you laying there instead of this dude and she was going to wrap your head in her mouth. I bet you boys five bucks this girl can be convinced that you get bad “head” aches in his cock and that by releasing the swelling it really reduces the the pressure and aches a lot less so the doctor told him that jerking off more will make a difference. No laughs guys, I recently had a buddy tell me that he told his girlfriend he was suffering from this and she felt so bad that she assisted.


Hard Body Vanessa Lane With Mouth Full Of Cum!

One of my favorite pics of Vanessa, her mouth is so big that I think you can feel her tonsils when your cock is down her throat with no problems at all. The fact that she loves the cock and will swallow, or in this case wear your man seed is just fucking HOT. This might be a thin girl to bounce off your cock but with perky breasts and a big mouth she is a sure sex kitten no matter where she takes advantage of you.


Boobs Covered In Cum!

Noooooo Vanessa, you are suppose to swallow honey, not spit it out, that is a HUGE turn off for a lot of dudes, you would think this girl would know this by now. Then again, she does look pretty amazing with a cock in her face and some cum dripping out of her pouty lips, now if we can see it come out her other lips that’s what are missing here. Anyone else thinking she has some suckable hard nipples calling your name. I got a pearl necklace I can give her to replace that silver around her throat, see I am not the only one with the dirty mind around here.


Alright gents, you need a girl who has some gym lessons and balance to be able to get her upside down and able to stroke you steady and with a hand on her ass, chances are this is the girl who needs a good spanking, just be careful its not too hard cause we would hate for her to accidentally bite down, ouch! If she has her way, you will return the favor and bury your face in her pussy. It’s in front of your face man, kind of hard to say no. Besides, the more wet you make her, the better the chances of a amazing blow job.


Buff Porn Stars Love Cum!

This girl seems to like suck on the penis needle man, with a firm grip on this dude’s twigs and berries and a mouth full of cockadoodledoo on her knees seems to be exactly where she like to be. At least the camera guy had an opportunity to catch a smile full of semen and a great titty shot. Now, if we can just get her on the couch to bend over that would for sure make this guys dream cum true.

Vanessa Lane

Talk about home delivery, I would for sure be ordering online products more often if it meant more services at my door like this. This for sure gives new meaning to ding dong! And from the looks of the picture she rang his bell and took a seat right on his hard cock. I bet the next time you order Chinese food for dinner and ask for delivery you wont have some hot smoking Asian girl at your door, so much for putting that into the universe right? Maybe you will get lucky and the mail girl at your work can drop off a package for you.


Vanessa Sucks A Big Penis!

I must admit, Vanessa Lane looks pretty hot in this pic, very sexy and with her mouth wrapped around this dude’s dick but she is looking at me, man it makes you wanna just jizz all over the screen, not that I am trying to give my fans a facial..sorry dude! Really, quite a seductive a picture and the camera man had to be hitting the tripod with his boner cause you just resist something like that. And I am a fan of nails, maybe I can convince my girlfriend to wear pink and white nails like hers, probably NOT but she gives pretty good head too…don’t tell her I wrote that.


  • Birthday: October 14,1983
  • Home: New York
  • Measurements: 36D-22-33
  • Height: 155 cm – 5 feet and 1 inch
  • Weight: 43 kg – 95 lbs
  • Haircolor: Brown
  • Nationality: Colombia
  • Active: 2004 – Present
  • Site: Official Site

Official Site

Vanessa Lane rocks our work. Yup she is flexible. And she is a tiny the kind of doll you can throw around your bed. There are porn stars and then there are true adult actresses.  With Vanessa it’s not acting.  She is unbelievable and it comes natural.  She’s not just some sexy girl who looks good.  This is a true adult actress who has performed in some of the best films released over the last decade.  And her official website is not some amateur junk.  This is a girl who is all about sex and hardcore porn.  She probably would put you to shame.

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